AML screening at scale

Why batch screening matters

Stephen Platt, RiskScreen founder, explains the benefits that batch AML screening technology can bring to your business – transforming the way your teams work

Batch AML screening to suit your business

Virtually eliminate false positives with the world’s first truly risk-based batch screening engine


Unique 3D risk-based approach

RiskScreen's proprietary approach to screening and filtering can deliver up to 95% reduction in false positives

bulk match

Handles up to 20m names

Scaling fast? Our batch modules can handle millions of entity names at all risk levels


Choice of data provider

We only work with the world's best providers of AML data sets. For KYC screening you can choose between Dow Jones or World-Check


Complete workflow & audit capture

All activity at any single moment in time is captured for audit purposes


Laser-sharp MI and reporting

With a full audit trail to boot, ensuring that all actions, decisions and comments are securely stored and can be fully analysed


Super-flexible integration

Screen with RiskScreen batch regardless of how your data is stored

Avoid Rubbish In Rubbish Out

Key to the optimisation of any screening process is the identification of any defects in the input data. The better quality the data that is input the fewer false positives and the more true matches will result allowing you to focus on the signal of risk without the distraction of noise. 

RiskScreen enables you to assess the quality of your data input through a self service portal. You can upload your input file periodically and run a data quality check in real time. 

The data quality assessment function will check and provide you with a report on the following data quality issues allowing you the opportunity to take remedial steps and optimise your screening results.

RiskScreen screening data quality

Batch adverse media screening
with RiskScreen

You have always been able to conduct adverse media searches as part of your one-off AML screening with RiskScreen Core. Now you can access the same functionality, fully integrated within our batch screening solutions. We offer full open source coverage, with proprietary functionality to minimise false positives while maximising thoroughness of search.


Schedule repeat searches to run automatically at the specified interval (ranging from 1 week to 3 years)


Carry out an adverse media search for every entity at onboarding and periodic review

See RiskScreen Batch
in action

Key features of the web version of RiskScreen Batch, our most popular choice

We wanted to identify a solution which would meet our exacting technical requirements, now and into the future, and to find a company that shared the same customer service values as us.

After thoroughly reviewing the available onsite batch screening solutions, RiskScreen Batch met our criteria. The system has been developed by regulatory experts and that gave us the confidence that it would do what we needed it to in order to futureproof our screening compliance.

Guy Hardill | MLRO, Ravenscroft Limited

Batch AML screening
in whatever way your business needs

On-premises screening

Automatically screen your entire customer base as often as you need on a secure platform behind your firewall. RiskScreen Onsite Batch enables you to keep names and metadata on customers and prospects inside your organisation.

Screening in the cloud

A true SaaS screening option, our RiskScreen Hosted Batch module enables you to upload names and metadata on customers and prospects and manage their screening through our intuitive and laser-sharp web interface.

API integration

Rapidly integrate RiskScreen Batch with your existing systems, 3rd-party service or any custom interface through our two-way RESTful API connection. Options range from one-off data searching to full real-time screening & onboarding.

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Other RiskScreen screening modules
RiskScreen Core | RiskScreen Salesforce app

At RiskScreen we work with hundreds of companies around the world from a wide range of sectors – both regulated and unregulated.

Any screening technology is only as good as its underlying data. That’s why work to find the best providers, ensuring you get screening matches you can trust.


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