The challenge of onboarding complex client structures
Customer and supplier onboarding is challenging at the best of times, but onboarding corporate, fund and trust entities is especially difficult due to the complex nature of underlying business structures.

As a result, the process is slow, linear, sequential, and frustrating for all concerned. At its most painful, it may involve multiple touchpoints with requirements to unravel all connected parties, ownership structures, ultimate beneficial ownership (UBOs), and other shareholders, across many jurisdictions.

Common problems encountered include:

  • Too many touchpoints with prospect to establish company structure
  • Inconsistent data collection, missed data, duplicate data
  • A slow, linear, sequential process resulting in a poor customer experience
  • Manual risk rating of parties
  • Inability to create and validate structure charts for entities
  • Entities and individuals being onboarded multiple times in error
  • Fragmented process using several tools to complete onboarding
  • Lack of a consolidated audit trail to demonstrate compliance

The infographic below highlights these challenges in more detail, as well as how Ultimate Beneficial Owners can be buried deep within a corporate structure, making it very challenging to identify them.

(click on image for larger version)

complex onboarding infographic

(click on image for larger version)

Cutting through the complexity

Our intelligent onboarding solution enables client-led structure discovery and record creation, with dynamic forms sent automatically to all relevant parties. The system responds in real time to data input, auto-creating new prospect records, performing live risk scoring, and tailoring application forms to ensure you capture the right data on each member and on the structure itself.

complex onboarding solution

You can find out more in this short video, or you can request a discovery call to tell us about your onboarding challenges.



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