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World-class technology needs world-class data

Any engine is only as good as the fuel that’s put into it and the same is true of customer screening technologies.

RiskScreen is one of the few screening providers to offer customers a choice between Dow Jones and Refinitiv World-Check sanctions, PEP and watch list data, both of which, in our view, are unparalleled in their quality and scope.

For business (KYB) screening and onboarding we use data from both kompany and Sayari, which provide complementary coverage of corporate entities around the world, vital for UBO investigations.

Finally, while checks against AML data sets and corporate registry information are vital for regulatory compliance, checks against adverse media coverage are just as important to protect your reputation.

What makes good data?


Data should be well organised to enable the screening engine to utilise it in a consistent fashion to deliver accurate results


Many 'bad actors' engage with businesses utilising aliases. The best data sets contain the most alias data


Data sources should be as extensive as possible including secondary sanctions ownership data


Images help users identify whether potential matches are true or false


The data has to be constantly maintained and be as up to date and accurate as possible


The best datasets capture data across as many languages as possible

Data definitions snapshot


The penalties for dealing with a sanctioned entity can be very severe. Comprehensive and regular sanctions screening is vital.

Secondary sanctions

Secondary sanctions relate to the ownership information of companies and their backers, individuals or organisations that have a link to a sanctioned entity.

Criminal watch lists

Watch lists contain individuals that are suspected of a crime, that are pending arrest, and that have been convicted in the past and since released.


The screening of all customers for PEP status is essential to the management of bribery and corruption risk and compliance with the EDD provisions applicable to PEP relationships.


Special Interest Persons and Special Interest Entities are individuals or organisations that present a heightened level of risk due to their suspected or confirmed involvement in criminal activity. 

Adverse media

Adverse media is unfavourable information that can be linked to an individual and that may implicate them in criminal activity – key to knowing your customer.

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At RiskScreen we work with hundreds of companies around the world from a wide range of sectors – both regulated and unregulated.

Any screening technology is only as good as its underlying data. That’s why we work to find the best providers, ensuring you get screening matches you can trust.


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