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From the beginning of 2021, all RiskScreen Core users will be able to sign up to an optional module that integrates passport MRZ checking functionality into their screening process.

What is the MRZ?

MRZ refers to the Machine Readable Zone section on an individual’s passport – the two lines of data and chevrons you can typically see at the bottom of your passport photograph/ identity page. This machine-readable data, encoded in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) format, contains some key information about the passport holder, including:

  • Document type, issuing country, surname & forenames
  • Passport number, nationality, date of birth, gender and document expiration date

How can I use MRZ data in RiskScreen?

MRZ data in itself should only hold information you’ve already captured about the person you’re screening. However it can be a useful check that this data is correct, and many businesses include MRZ checks as part of their verification process. These checks can be done in two ways:

1) MRZ code generator

You can input your subject’s information in the appropriate fields to generate their MRZ code on demand.


RiskScreen will then:

1. Auto-generate the MRZ code
2. Allow you to select which data you want to include in your screening search
3. Provide a checkbox for you to confirm that the passport and MRZ data have matched – a confirmation which is carried over to your subject’s final screening report.


The screenshot above shows the output MRZ code, and pulls out the relevant data fields you might want to use in your screening search. Below you can see if the MRZ and input data have matched.

2) MRZ Analyser

With your subject’s MRZ code to hand, you can paste or rekey this data into the analyser fields:


Key data from the code will then be extrapolated and, as shown above, you’ll have the option to include this in your search and/or make a record of its match in your search results.

Adding the MRZ analyser to your RiskScreen service

The MRZ analyser tool is an optional add-on to your RiskScreen Core service. You need to let us know if you’d like it turned on. If you’re an existing customer coming to your RiskScreen Core renewal date, this is the perfect time to add on the MRZ analyzer functionality. Prices start at just £300/year (ex VAT). And if you’re new to RiskScreen Core, please just get in touch and we’ll direct you towards the most appropriate package.

Want to see it in action? Watch the video demo:

Just click here, or go to:

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