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PEP risk

When screening for PEP risk keep it T-I-G-H-T

How should compliance professionals manage PEP risk in light of the Pandora Papers? Robert Mitchell at RiskScreen defines five stages that will help you to more easily identify and mitigate the risks carried by PEPs.

AML talkshow

AML Talk Show Episode 28: Robert Mazur

Robert Mazur is one of the world’s leading authorities on money laundering techniques, internationally recognized as an expert by private and public sector leaders, and of course author of “The Betrayal”.

A Sanctions Compliance Emergency

As war rages in Ukraine, how should businesses react to the emergency in order to guarantee compliance and protect their reputation?

Seychelles AML

Seychelles: reclaiming paradise from corruption

Seychelles has a long history intertwined with corruption. However, despite another scandal breaking earlier this year, not all hope is lost as the nation pushes to move on from its troubled past.

Any screening technology is only as good as its underlying data. That’s why work to find the best providers, ensuring you get screening matches you can trust.


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