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Fintechs: Know your AML vulnerabilities!

As regulators increase their scrutiny of fintechs, not only does this raise the risk of regulatory action and punitive fines, it can also lead to reputational damage and even prevent an otherwise promising early-stage business from fulfilling its potential.

Thomson Reuters: 10 global compliance concerns for 2023

Thomson Reuters Institute and Thomson Reuters Regulatory Intelligence have recently published a new white paper that examines how a range of factors are combining to present compliance professionals with yet another challenging year.

UK sinks to historic low in Corruption Perception Index

The United Kingdom has returned its worst ever position in the latest edition of Transparency International’s annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), revealing that cracks are starting to appear in the country’s previously good standing.

7 compliance predictions for 2023

As 2023 gets underway, we explore some of the most likely trends that compliance departments across a wide range of sectors will face over the coming year.

How to reduce the cost of compliance in 2023

Recent years have seen the cost of compliance soar. It’s a trend which is expected to continue in 2023, leaving many compliance professionals searching for the answer to how they can meet mounting obligations in the face of even greater budgetary pressures.

PSPs: Know your AML vulnerabilities!

With payments increasingly becoming available at the click of a button, money launderers are turning to online payments in order to wash their illicit funds. As a result, it has never been so important for PSPs to identify their AML vulnerabilities and mitigate the growing risk.

The challenge of onboarding complex client structures

The challenge of onboarding complex client structures

Customer and supplier onboarding is challenging at the best of times, but onboarding corporate, fund and trust entities is especially difficult due to the complex nature of underlying business structures.

Insurers: Know your AML vulnerabilities!

Insurers are coming under increasing pressure from regulators to take all the steps necessary to ensure they don’t provide criminals with the means to launder illicit money.

The Credit Suisse scandal 2022: What went wrong this time?

The Swiss banking giant has a long history of making the news and mostly for the wrong reasons. This blog reviews the many scandals to have hit Credit Suisse over the last four decades, culminating in the latest revelations that have resulted in huge fines, the layoff of thousands of employees, and its stock to fall by 60%.

TCSPs: Know your AML vulnerabilities!

As regulators increase their scrutiny of TCSPs not only does this raise the risk of punitive fines and reputational damage to the business, but directors and senior managers can be held personally liable for prosecution

Five steps to help you more accurately screen for PEP risk

In order to navigate and monitor increasingly complex, interconnected, and often opaque global business and financial transactions, these five steps will help you to more easily identify and mitigate the risks carried by PEPs

AML asset management

How Asset Managers can harness technology to reduce money laundering risks

The financial industry is unfortunately blemished by dirty money circulating within the system. And while asset managers have traditionally swerved the money laundering impact faced by their banking counterparts, progressive capabilities from financial criminals are forcing the sector to notice glaring flaws in their AML processes.

PEP risk

When screening for PEP risk keep it T-I-G-H-T

How should compliance professionals manage PEP risk in light of the Pandora Papers? Robert Mitchell at RiskScreen defines five stages that will help you to more easily identify and mitigate the risks carried by PEPs.

AML talkshow

AML Talk Show Episode 28: Robert Mazur

Robert Mazur is one of the world’s leading authorities on money laundering techniques, internationally recognized as an expert by private and public sector leaders, and of course author of “The Betrayal”.

A Sanctions Compliance Emergency

As war rages in Ukraine, how should businesses react to the emergency in order to guarantee compliance and protect their reputation?

Seychelles AML

Seychelles: reclaiming paradise from corruption

Seychelles has a long history intertwined with corruption. However, despite another scandal breaking earlier this year, not all hope is lost as the nation pushes to move on from its troubled past.

Is London the capital of kleptocracy?

Amber Rudd vowed to “stem the flow of dirty money” into London over five years ago but the city remains steeped in financial crime. David Prosser investigates why the UK is faltering behind the rest of the world.

Luxury Goods Sanctions

The High Life II: luxury goods and sanctions

In a follow up to our recent post on Luxury Goods and Financial Crime, Dev Odedra takes a deeper look at how luxury goods still change hands in various countries despite sanctions being in place.

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