Revolutionising Onboarding and Screening for Altum Group with RiskScreen KYC Solutions integrated with NavOne

“The big difference with RiskScreen is that their products are built around a deep understanding of the regulatory environment, a knowledge of the industry and our operational environment.”

~ Peter Messervy-Gross, CIO, Altum Group

Client Background

Altum Group is a leading international provider of Fund, Corporate and Family Office Solutions with more than 140 dedicated employees in Jersey, London, Luxembourg and South Africa. They specialise in providing high value services including corporate, fund, family office and loan agency services, along with tax and regulatory compliance, accounting, financial reporting and trustee services to the private equity and venture capital, capital markets, real assets, private debt and family office sectors.

As a prominent boutique firm in the offshore financial services sector, Altum Group is committed to staying at the forefront of technological innovation to meet the evolving needs of their clients. They have carefully and thoughtfully put together an extensive and growing best-in-class technology platform that underpins the provision of high quality, personalised and easy to use services for their clients. As part of this effort, they recognised the need for a streamlined and efficient onboarding process that aligns with their ambitious growth plans and seamlessly integrates with their core business platform, NavOne. To help deliver this, Altum chose to partner with RiskScreen, a leading KYC platform vendor renowned for its deep subject matter expertise and commitment to customer success.

Altum’s Goals

  • Digitised Onboarding: Eliminate the manual and time-consuming onboarding process to provide a seamless and faster client experience.
  • Operational Efficiency and Scalability: Free up staff from manual tasks to focus on accelerating the company’s ambitious growth plans.
  • Risk Mitigation: Enhance compliance and combat financial crime more effectively by leveraging advanced screening and risk assessment tools.
  • Technological Leadership: Showcase Altum’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency.
  • Trusted Partnership: Establish RiskScreen as a trusted partner with subject matter expertise in compliance, regulation and financial crime prevention.


Having carefully evaluated various vendors, RiskScreen was chosen for its ability to deliver on the requirements providing the technology and the service Altum was looking for. Commenting on the choice, Altum Group’s CIO Peter Messervy-Gross said: 

“The big difference with RiskScreen is that their products are built around a deep understanding of the regulatory environment, a knowledge of the industry and our operational environment. They have then developed leading technology solutions to resolve the commercial challenges. That’s very different to an approach which starts with technology and looks for scenarios to apply it to. That is RiskScreen’s unique selling point.”

~ Peter Messervy-Gross, CIO, Altum Group

Altum had identified several opportunities with their legacy onboarding process. Being largely manual, static information forms would be sent to business and individual high net worth clients. Having to handle both simple and complex client onboarding processes doesn’t work with a static list of questions and going back and forth with a client during the process has been an inefficient way to gather information.

A key feature of the RiskScreen solution is dynamic information request forms where the form can change as information is being entered to collect what is required based on the responses provided by the client. Rather than realising additional or different forms also need to be sent to them, the forms can change dynamically based on customer profile and circumstances. That saves a huge amount of time and effort.

Altum Group and RiskScreen worked together on addressing other key requirements for the solution:

  • Process improvement and best practice: RiskScreen’s implementation team engaged in a thorough analysis of the client’s existing processes, regulatory challenges and growth objectives. The potential for improvement to reduce manual effort, eliminate back-and-forth with clients and ensuring faster time-to-value was identified.
  • Integration with NavOne: RiskScreen ensured integration with Altum’s core business system NavOne, via its unique NavOne screening connector. This allows screening information to be visible and management for NavOne users. Similar connectors are available with TrustQuay Online, Viewpoint, Acumen and PlainSail.
  • Enhanced Risk Mitigation: RiskScreen’s robust screening capabilities and real-time access to global databases helped the client’s risk and compliance teams make more informed decisions, reducing operational errors and enhancing risk management.
  • Operational Efficiency and Growth Enablement: With the onboarding process streamlined, the client’s operational teams were able to refocus their efforts on driving the company’s growth plans and strategic initiatives.


Throughout the implementation process, Altum were consistently impressed by RiskScreen’s substantive team, operational maturity and profound understanding of compliance, regulation, and financial crime prevention.

We have improved structured data from RiskScreen, a smoother process, and predictable outcomes. This provides not only efficiencies during onboarding and screening processes, but also has downstream benefits for CMP, audit or any review looking for fingertip-ready data.”

~ Peter Messervy-Gross CIO, Altum Group

As the system goes live, Altum have high expectations for the success of the solution including:

  • Data Rigidity and Certainty: Enhanced data accuracy, quality and reliability will provide greater confidence in compliance processes.
  • Shortened Onboarding Times: Operational teams will experience shorter onboarding times, enabling quicker client engagement with less friction.
  • Reduced Operational Errors: The risk and compliance teams anticipate fewer operational errors, resulting in more effective risk management.
  • Seamless Client Interactions: Altum recognise that an end-client’s first experience of customer service is at onboarding. RiskScreen will ensure that Altum will lead with the most competitive customer experience.
  • Global Rollout: The successful implementation lays the foundation for extending the solution to other offices in Luxembourg, Ireland, South Africa and London.

We were truly impressed by RiskScreen’s team and their deep understanding of our industry’s compliance challenges. Their operationally mature approach and expertise not only made the sales and implementation process smooth but also instilled confidence in our decision to partner with them. We look forward to realising the expected benefits and achieving our growth goals with RiskScreen by our side.”

~ Peter Messervy-Gross CIO, Altum Group


The collaboration between Altum Group and RiskScreen is a testament to the power of technology-driven solutions in transforming complex compliance processes. As Altum strides down the path of enhancing their services to clients and working towards their growth ambitions, RiskScreen’s innovative onboarding and screening tools are poised to increase operational efficiency, enhance risk mitigation and free up the resources to drive the next phase of Altum’s growth. The partnership showcases RiskScreen’s commitment to being a trusted and valuable partner, leveraging its deep subject matter expertise to meet the unique needs of its clients in the areas of compliance, regulation and combating financial crime.

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