RiskScreen and CoinPayments Join Forces to Transform Merchant Onboarding and Compliance in the Crypto Payment Industry

RiskScreen, an award-winning provider of AML and KYC solutions, has announced a ground-breaking partnership with CoinPayments, a global leader in digital payments, to reshape merchant onboarding and regulatory compliance in the cryptocurrency payment industry.

CoinPayments’ rapid growth has come with a significant set of challenges, particularly concerning the complex process of onboarding merchants while maintaining stringent compliance standards. The company faced the daunting task of processing 1,000 monthly onboarding requests, which threatened operational efficiency and regulatory adherence.

CoinPayments made a strategic decision to adopt RiskScreen’s innovative solution to enhance the client onboarding process.

RiskScreen was chosen due to its cost-efficiency, user-friendly interface, global data access, comprehensive data presentation, regulatory compliance, centralised case management, and impeccable industry reputation. CoinPayments foresees RiskScreen’s platform benefiting the organisation’s long-term compliance and efficiency needs.

Gintaras Zuikis, MLRO at CoinPayments, shared his satisfaction with the partnership:

We are extremely satisfied with RiskScreen’s platform. It has significantly transformed our merchant onboarding processes and compliance efforts. The user-friendly interface, comprehensive information access and efficient case management tools have made a remarkable difference. RiskScreen’s platform stands out as one of the best in the market, enabling us to enhance our operational efficiency and regulatory compliance. We highly recommend RiskScreen to organisations.”

RiskScreen’s CEO, Stephen Platt commented,

“We are thrilled to join forces with CoinPayments to help them achieve their onboarding goals. What differentiates RiskScreen from all other RegTech businesses is our approach to using compliance as a competitive advantage for our customers. CoinPayments’ drive to growth through innovation, allies with our efforts as we continue our mission to provide award-winning customer on-boarding, screening and pKYC solutions.”

The partnership between CoinPayments and RiskScreen sets a precedent for the industry, demonstrating how innovation and collaboration can redefine the future of digital payments. With CoinPayments leading the charge and RiskScreen providing cutting-edge solutions, the possibilities for the cryptocurrency payment industry are limitless.

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