Implementation advisory services

Why use advisory services

The FATF encourages countries, their respective supervisors and compliance professionals to move beyond a tick-box approach when monitoring the private sector’s efforts to curb money laundering and terrorist financing.

The RiskScreen Advisory team pro-actively works with you to ensure that our suite of products is tailored to:

  1. the real risks you have identified in accordance with your risk research
  2. your conclusions based on that research
  3. your resulting risk appetite

"Today, many supervisors and compliance officers still merely take a basic tick-box approach: making sure forms are filled in correctly instead of focussing on the real risks. …. "

How RiskScreen Advisory
can help

RiskScreen’s Advisory team are here to help you maximise the value of your IT risk management investment. Our specialist consultants will work with you to provide guidance as required and conduct research into areas that are relevant to you, so that your risk solution is robust and perfectly suited to your risk management needs.


Following a review of historic system set-ups, we introduced an ‘apply – understand – prove – manage’ risk framework which allows for a structured approach to tailoring, accommodating, and auditing of in-house risk appetite.


A UK-based client wanted to tailor the RiskScreen In-Life Monitoring system set-up, so that from the outset it could accommodate the variety of legal structures its staff engages with daily.


An IFC-based client wanted assurance that when exemptions were relied upon by its administrators, exemption usage was appropriate.

During the implementation phase, we received exemplary support with the technical and regulatory queries which we had, and the system was up and running on time and on budget.

Guy Hardill, MLRO | Ravenscroft

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