Real-time risk analytics & reporting engine

A step change
in risk management

With instant alerts, live analytics and risk profiling, RiskScreen pKYC provides an unparalleled view of risk across your organisation so that you can continuously assess and manage client relationships. Leveraging data from multiple sources, our bespoke, on-premise systems will be the hub for all your AML risk-management efforts.

Build your own
lifecycle risk ecosystem

RiskScreen pKYC delivers its capabilities by way of a number of interlocking modules that include profiling, alerting, registers and reporting. Each module can be licensed separately, or taken together with our RiskScreen onboarding or batch screening solutions, to build a complete AML ecosystem.

Risk profiling

Create bespoke data structures to capture relevant information on risk and KYC status for multiple entity types.

Alerting & Forms

Create and target alerts for specific users or user groups for handling.


A suite of configurable reports built for your bespoke requirements in the course of implementation


Import, maintain and capture new entries to all compliance registers in use across a customer’s business



Process without RiskScreen

Many firms struggle to meet compliance obligations, hindered by legacy IT systems. Some firms store data across multiple platforms, and in hard copy, making timely extraction and analysis of data near impossible. This results in an ever increasing compliance head count to try to manage these inefficient data handling processes and, ultimately, an inability to react quickly to shifts in the risk environment.

Process with RiskScreen

RiskScreen seamlessly integrates the collection and analysis of risk data from all underlying systems, producing best-in-world live MI, and a typical 95% data mining time saving compared with existing manual processes.

RiskScreen has given us the ability to manage customer risk in real-time. We initially implemented it to help the compliance function with customer lifecycle management but have since added an API link to enable real-time risk rating of new customers as part of a live onboarding process.

We’re now planning to roll out access within the business to the first line of defence.

RiskScreen pkyc user

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