Real-time customer verification & onboarding

"The FATF encourages the fullest use of responsible digital customer onboarding … in light of social distancing measures.”

Intelligent Client

RiskScreen OnBoard empowers your teams to seamlessly onboard more clients, faster. Configurable to your unique business needs, our intelligent platform lets you take a tailored risk-based approach to onboarding, while still providing best-in-class digital experiences.

RiskScreen OnBoard
One package, one supplier, one contract - for both KYC & KYB

RiskScreen makes the onboarding, review and continual screening of our clients, effortless. This, combined with the fact that it is easy to use, means that, not only are we reducing AML risks, we are also reducing the delays in detecting compliance concerns

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Workflow & management information

Track onboarding progress and indentify hold-ups

Validate and risk rate data obtained from customers

In-app resolution of data, screening and eIDV alerts

Allocate & refer cases to colleagues

Dashboards & reports to optimise onboarding flow

Find out how RiskScreen can transform your onboarding processes

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Any screening technology is only as good as its underlying data. That’s why work to find the best providers, ensuring you get screening matches you can trust.


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