Fast and effective customer screening for Yacht Brokers

Why AML screening matters to Yacht Brokers

Yacht Brokers face the same stringent anti-money laundering regulations as other retailers of high-value goods such as luxury cars, jewelry, and fine art.

Consequently, Yacht Brokers must understand and adhere to specific legislation, most notably:

  • The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017 (and any subsequent amendments) sets out the main anti-money laundering (AML) requirements
  • The Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA) and the Terrorism Act 2000 (TACT) cover the need to report suspicious activity to the National Crime Agency and related offences

Yacht Brokers must comply with these regulations whenever a transaction involves a total cash payment of more than 10,000 euros. 

This is regardless of whether the transaction is executed in a single operation or over several operations which appear to be linked. A payment remains a ‘payment in cash’ even if it is paid by or on behalf of the person making the payment to another person or into a bank account.

Common risks faced by Yacht Brokers

The purchase of goods, such as yachts, cars, jewelry and gold are often regarded as status symbols in the criminal world

Yachts can be used for further criminal offences, such as drugs transportation.

Yachts purchased using the proceeds of crime can give criminals the appearance of legitimacy

Criminals hiding behind complex company structures involving multiple countries and bank accounts to disguise the real purpose of a purchase and hide its beneficial ownership.

Terrorist financing where a sale or purchase may be gained from either legitimate or criminal sources and used to fund terrorist activities.

Breaching sanctions by conducting business with a sanctioned individual or entity is a criminal offence.

Accelerating compliance for Yacht Brokers

RiskScreen is simple and intuitive to use – speeding up your processes, reassuring your auditors, and improving satisfaction of staff and customers alike.


Start your initial screen with a search of a company or individual name across global sanctions, PEP and watch list information provided by leading data provider, Dow Jones. Red flags indicate matches to investigate.


Search the whole of the world wide web - from mainstream news to blog and social posts - for references to your subject. Exclude irrelevant URLs, and highlight mentions of interest.


Consolidate your findings in a single report for future reference or audit. Include your assessment of your subject's risk level, the reasons why, and links to relevant media and supervisor comment.

An AML solution designed for Yacht Brokers


By using RiskScreen you can be sure you're embedding the risk-based approach into your business processes and meeting your regulatory requirements


We price by searches, not seats, so no need to share passwords or worry about your user numbers, wherever in the world they might be


Dow Jones' data includes alias names for 'bad actors', while our unique search tools take into account all common name variants, across multiple languages


Images help users identify whether potential matches are true or false - and our data sets include colour pictures when available


RiskScreen's optional MRZ analyser allows you to analyse and validate passport MRZ data


Improve review times by excluding irrelevant URLs from your company's adverse media searches

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See how easy it is to use RiskScreen Core – from conducting initial AML screening and adverse media searches, through to production of the final report. Ease of use means happier staff, and it’s one of the reasons our customers love us.


Scroll down to see our simple pricing plans. We charge by searches and not seats, so once you have chosen a plan and puchased credits with a credit or debit card, you’re up and running and ready to go!

All types! Our intuitive interface and entry-level pricing means it’s the logical decision for smaller or transaction-based businesses such as or estate agencies. But we have many large enterprise customers who use RiskScreen Core alongside our RiskScreen Batch product to ascertain the risk levels of their prospects at onboarding stage, and then to monitor this risk level on an ongoing basis. To get a demo of how the two might work together, please contact us.

No! In a recent survey conducted by RiskScreen, over 65% of respondents in the banking industry said they still use Google or other search engines for their unstructured adverse media searches. They may sometimes get the right results, but it’s neither consistent nor comprehensive (unless you have the time to trawl through thousands of pages of results). RiskScreen’s adverse media tools connect directly to several major search tools and apply a proprietary combination of sensitive terms to ensure key results are returned. These results are then deduplicated, ranked and presented back to the user in a digestible format – to maximise the chance of unearthing relevant insight on your subject, and to make the process of acting on it as easy as possible.

Yes! You should expect to conduct enhanced due diligence (EDD) when you find a customer or prospect has come back as high risk. RiskScreen Core allows you to conduct ‘Pro’ searches on higher-risk individuals, which include deeper web searches into content sets such as the Panama Papers or FinCen files.  Your searches are consistent, scalable and fully auditable – so your team will always get credit for the work they’ve done.

Once you have an account setup with RiskScreen Core, you will be able to login and top-up your search credits. 

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